Meet Brian Bonar: An Accomplished Business Executive Now Investing in Restaurants

Brian Bonar is a living legend in the global financial circles. The seasoned investor has worked in several high-profile companies for the past three decades and still continues to make a meaningful contribution to the realm. Today, he’s in-charge at the highly successful venture capital firm, Dalrada Financial Group.

This group specializes in offering tailor-made and competitive services for business outsourcing and consultations. Dalrada also helps clients get the best possible insurance policy cover.

The company’s unprecedented growth has witnessed it expand their portfolio by buying assets and leveraging their risk factors. To attract and keep their clientele base, the firm has introduced a long line of revolutionary products meant to safeguard their financial future.

Transforming San Diego’s Food Scene

Brian Bonar lives and works in the great city of San Diego, California. This city is known for among other positive things the excellent gourmet cuisines and foods. There are so many fine places to eat and dine that it gets a bit hectic choosing one place over the others.

The city, according to this post, shares a common love for classic and elegant cars. Would you believe it that Brian Bonar happens to own one of the most beloved restaurants in the bustling part of San Diego known as North County?

His bistro goes by the name of Bellamy’s and its lead chef is none other than Patrick Ponsaty. Previously. Patrick has worked with the who’s who of the hotel and restaurant industry. Read all about the ambitious plans by Brian Bonar and his world-class staff have lined up for Bellamy’s moving forward by clicking here.

About Brian Bonar

Today, the man who graduated from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, Glasgow and from the Stafford University in the UK has previously served in different companies taking on various roles and capacities. For instance, from 1992-1994, Brian Bonar worked as a Director of Technological Sales at Dalrada.

His exceptional results at the department saw him move up the chain of command to become the company’s Sales and Marketing senior V.P by mid-1994. But he wasn’t done with his meteoric rise to the top as he got promoted to serve as the Executive V.P three months later. By the beginning of 1995, Mr. Bonar was already the group’s Director, President, and CEO.

People’s Person

Later on, Brian got appointed as the CEO and CFO of the following companies; Amanda and Trucept Inc. other notable firms he’s helped build and nurture include Benzier Systems, Adaptech Inc., Rastek Corporation, QMS Inc and the Solvis group.

This list goes on and on, but for the sake of brevity, we’ve decided to only restrict ourselves to naming those companies. One peculiar thing about this Scot is his uncanny ability to recognize opportunity where few even bother looking. He is a firm believer in getting the right people with the right skills to make your dreams and aspirations come alive.

7 Days to Wen Perfection for Healthier, Happier Hair

You may have heard about Wen by Chaz Dean, a one stop solution for hair that includes cleanser, conditioner and styling treatment. My friend Emily tried it out for a 7 day test-drives to see the results herself. What we saw was a dramatic change from flat lifeless hair to a full shiny head of bouncy tangle free hair.

Days 1-3

The experiment gets underway, you can start to see the dramatic shift from Emily’s “travelers mane” as she calls it, to fuller and less frizzy locks.  Here is the proof… Chaz recommends a bit more Wen depending on the hair length, this ensures a better finish. The pictures start to show a dramatic change in Emily’s appearance, I am intrigued and she is skeptical but hopeful at first.

Days 4-6

Over the time of normal wear and tear for hair, rushing to work WEN hair did its job by keeping Emily’s hair mostly manageable without having time for a shower, fortunately working at a hair salon has its benefits. After using Wen Dry Shampoo and Curling, she was increasingly satisfied in how her hair rejuvenated and bounced back to life. The following two days showed Emily an increase in Wen’s potential, even getting a few nice compliments from Facebook friends about her shiny hair.

Day 7

By day 7 Wen did a thorough makeover and refinishing of Emily’s hair, even though her curls she thought still fell faster than normal, we were all impressed with the great results.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner seems to do exactly what Emily hoped, giving her a quick road in to a full luxurious head of salon quality hair she always dreamed about. Wen hair care products are available on Sephora stores and online on eBay.


Equities First Holdings, the Global Financial Lender Offers Low-Interest Loans across the World

With more than thirteen years in operation, Equities First Holding has been lucky to enter into business with some of the world’s largest financial institutions. The firm has a hyper-focused approach towards offering its clients the best platform for acquiring loans. Being the pioneer of stock-based lending, Equity First Holdings is committed to guiding all customers towards the right choices of investment after borrowing. Founded in 2002, the company is geographically located in Indianapolis. It has a satellite workstation in New York City. Among the services it is well known to offer are securities loaning services for enterprises and individuals as well as investors. The firm offers loans based on the evaluation of individuals’ assets, the risks involved and the future performance of the stocks, bonds as well as treasuries.


This is to enable customers to meet personal as well as professional goals. Equity First Holdings offers capital against shares that have been traded on public exchanges across the world. The firm has completed over 650 transactions. This currently totals to approximately over $ 1.4 billion. Additionally, it provides high loan value with low and fixed interest rates. With its offices spread in nine countries, the company has wholly owned subsidiaries like the Equities First Limited in London, in Hong Kong, Equities First Holdings in Singapore and lastly in Australia and more information click here.

The Team

With over fourteen years in financial loans operations, Equities First Holdings has been lucky to harbor a team of professionals with the skills needed in the financial industry. This Firm of Linkedin, The team has a global presence in all the branches across the world. Apart from being purpose driven, they are committed to ensuring that clients achieve their set goals be it in business or at work. From responsible executive officers to committed associates, Equity First Holdings is dedicated to bringing clients closer to their dreams and learn more about Equities First.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is offering a solution of communications that wasn’t necessarily available for people to take advantage of before. If you are seeking to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact one of the customer service representatives who are available to assist today. Now is the time for you to take advantage of a wonderful deal that enables inmates and their loved ones to communicate over safe and secure protocols of state-of-the-art technology without being required to actually conduct s visitation physically.


One problem that many people have had in the past in pertinence to visitation is appointment scheduling. If this is an occurrence that you have dealt with in the past, then it may be beneficial for you to know that Securus Technologies allows you to set up an appointment at a time that is most convenient for you, thus, making it a wonderful form of technology that has been introduced to the world of technology and communications.


Although Securus Technologies is a form of communications that is known for being a benefit for inmates and those they communicate with, it should also be noted that it is a great tool that offers benefits for law enforcement officials as well. Law enforcement officials are not provided another opportunity of solving crimes with this wonderful piece of technology, as it enables them to utilize anything that is said over the communications protocol for proceedings in court should illegal matters be discussed. Therefore, Securus Technologies should be regarded as bright a form of communications that is beneficial for everyone, not only the parties who use it for the purposes of keeping in touch with one another. Be sure to visit the website to see whether your computer is compatible with this program or not.


Why Brands should Advertise on PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz who is the executive chairman of PodcastOne and Tom Webster who is the VP of Strategy at Edison Research announced the results of comprehensive studies on advertising in February this year. The studies were done with national consumer brands across different categories.

This was the first-ever study carried out on the brand lift before and after a campaign appeared on a podcast. It was conducted over the last six months of 2016. It showed that podcast advertising had an overall positive impact.

Only 7% of the listeners were able to name a particular grocery brand as compared to 60% after the campaign before the study. The awareness of a specific aftermarket product increased by more than half after the study was completed. The research firm conducted three different studies for the podcast network company.

Some of the brands that participated were popular. Others were little-known and were looking for awareness. The audience of certain podcasts completed online surveys before and after the campaigns were run by the brands. The findings showed that the audience exhibited more willingness to acquire those brands. They were more receptive to their messages.

Norman Pattiz said that the focus of the study was to verify that podcasts provided more brand impact as compared to other formats. Webster spoke on behalf of Edison and stated that the research firm had been pleased to work with PodcastOne to measure the effectiveness of podcast advertising.

PodcastOne is the leading advertiser-supported audio content network in the country. Some of the public figures and celebrities that have podcasts on the network include Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, and Chris Jericho.

Crunchbase revealed that Norman Pattiz served as the CEO of PodcastOne until mid-last year when he took on the role of Executive Chairman. He was chosen to sit on the Broadcasting Board of Governors by both President Clinton and President Bush. He is credited for the launch of Radio Sawa and Alhurra TV.

Alhurra TV is a television channel that is broadcasted all over the Middle East. He is the chairman of the boards of various organizations including Los Alamos National Security and Lawrence Livermore National Security.

Norman’s contributions to the broadcasting industry were recognized in 2009 when he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. Norman has won other awards including the freedom of speech award, broadcaster of the year award, and the distinguished education service award. He has been the director of the Regents of the University of California since 2001.

The History Of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello work and education background

Anthony Petrello is a Harvard graduate with a bachelor’s degree in law. He also holds a degree and master of science in Mathematics. These, he acquired from The University of Yale.

Anthony Petrello illustrious career can be traced back to in 1986 where he made partner in Bakers and Mc Kenzie law firm. He practiced international law, taxation, and corporate law. He later on resigned and joined Nabors in 1991.

At Nabors, his tenacity fast-tracked his rise to become the President and CEO of Nabors Industries where was the president and CEO for ten years. Anthony Petrello was instrumental in Nabors being the powerhouse in the petroleum business. He was a strategic planner who instilled good work ethics among his employees. Later on, In 2003, he was promoted to be the deputy chairman of Nabours. He then went forth to become the chairman and served as CEO of Nabors company.

Nabors industries

Nabors Industries deals in oil rigging. It has the largest fleet of oil rigs with most of the rigs fully operational. Nabors also provides offshore drilling rigs to other companies in the world. Nabours industries delight in having an efficient workforce who have set new standards in the oil rigging business. Due to this, Nabors company has been able to offer drilling services and performance tools throughout the world.

Anthony Petrello’s fight with daughters neurological disorder

The success of Anthony Petrello can be mistaken for a man who has had a quite comfortable life, but this cannot be further from the truth. His daughter, Carena, was born with Periventricular leukomalacia. This neurological disorder has no cure. Due to this, Anthony Petrello together with his wife has heavily supported the Texas Children’s Hospital Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. They donated seven million dollars to the research institute to aid in research. They also have demonstrated a remarkable personal commitment through their fundraising efforts.

Bruce Levenson Sues Insurance Company

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) have taken up a legal matter at the Superior Court of Fulton County in September. The AHBE group is making the accusation that an insurance company, New Hampshire Insurance Company, is refusing to follow the rules of an insurance contract and honor settlements made by the basketball organization. At the time, AHBE was under the control of Bruce Levenson, and this lawsuit does not include references to the new ownership group. In fact, the current group makes the assertion that the lawsuit is between two parties that no longer have any affiliation with the AHBE.

According to the court files, Danny Ferry, the former general manager of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE), filed claims with the insurance company to cover losses regarding certain employment practices, like ‘Wrongful Termination’ and ‘Workplace Torts.’ Unfortunately, there are no exact numbers listed in the court documents listed any particular monetary amount being requested by the previous AHBE ownership group; it does, however, state that the lawsuit, and those behind it, are wanting to obtain an extra 50 percent of the unpaid losses, including attorney and court costs.

Bruce Levenson, the man behind the curtain of this lawsuit, previously led the ownership group. He does not, in fact, have an current ties with the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) when it comes to this lawsuit. This is because Mr. Bruce Levenson sold off the basketball team to a group led by the current principle owner, Tony Ressler. The team sold for stunning $730 million; although, Levenson had been seeking around a billion dollars for the team. Regardless, the Atlanta Hawks sold very well for the previous ownership group due to an increased value in the National Basketball Leagues. They made a tidy profit; now the group just needs to finish up this lawsuit to finish their business and legal dealings as the AHBE.

Bruce Levenson has also spent a large amount of time looking to extend his philanthropic work. To learn more about this, visit PR Newswire’s website.

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Securus Proof To The Public That It Has Better Resources Than GTL

Securus proved to its critics and supporters that it has better resources than its longtime rival, GTL, by inviting them to participate in a fair competition. Securus’ invite stated that the competition would be chaired by an independent judge who would determine which firm has the best product set, most capital and expense procession forum, most modernized technology and telephone service and best customer response services. Richard A. Smith, the chief executive officer of Securus, released a detailed statement indicating the specific resources owned by Securus.

Alternative payment services using text

Voice optimized technology

System security management details, both the Cellbox and the Vanu tactical

Electrolyzed medical records

Prisoner’s telemedicine

Investigation and Forensic services from partners

GPS supported services

Job seeking forums for inmates

The primonics for video visitations

Modernized telephone services

Data analysis software

Satellite GPS tracking services

A full GSSC service

Systems that can manage prisons remotely

Media and money transfer services

Tablet application software for inmates


Field software for field jobs by prison staff

A call center for prisons

Patent portfolio


Richard reported that GTL’s claims of having better technology are false and completely unproven. He explained that recruiting an independent judge to conduct the analysis would settle the differences. Securus has an investment of more than $700 in other firms, innovative technology, and product development projects. Richard assured the public that they recognize GTL’s lower quality facilities since they used to own the same old and less capable systems in previous years. Securus has a centralized storage system that up to the efficiency of their communication. Former subscribers of GTL who later converted to acquire Securus’ services report that Securus has clearer sound waves, stable networks, and affordable prices. Securus serves approximately 4000 prisons across the United States and more than 1.2 million inmates in total.


The Real Benefits of a good online reputation management system

Your online reputation remains with you throughout the years you are in business. However, all it takes is a single negative customer review shared with a few friends, before you even know it your reputation has already been dashed. It even gets worse online where information spreads to a large group at speeds of light. A good online reputation management should help your business grow and realize several benefits.

Increased sales

You are most certainly going to see increased sales with a good online reputation. Your current and potential and current customers will be able to see your services and trust it for its reliability. This should give you a significant edge over your competitors. Customers are always on the lookout for outstanding services and support. The best place to get this is online. If you have a good online reputation management system, customers will find tons of positive information about you and choose to work with you.

Proper company branding

People always love to purchase properly branded products. Once the right image has been created, the company gets a great tag for quality products. People often judge product quality based on the company’s brand. Reputation management systems on the internet have less to do with the quality and more to do with the brand. It improves the public image of your company and how people see your business.

Earn trust with clients

A proper online reputation management system should make you earn the trust you deserve. Most businesses that focus on Brand Yourself reviews and online advertising concentrate on their website and social media and forget about their brand. An online reputation can be especially important for a growing business Professional companies that focus on reputation management will ensure success without wasting your energy and time.

Deal with negative reviews

Unfavorable reviews and harsh comments against your business are usually common. The best way to tackle the menace of negative information is to put in place a sound reputation management system. Doing this will ensure that the business gets to customers who have been displeased with a company’s products or services.


They want you young.


Many kids in America will dependent on their parents deep into college and beyond, but for many, after high school is when there real lives begin. It is very possible to damage yourself beyond repair at this stage due to the financial rigors of college. There will be many pitfalls that would be seemingly harmless, but are actually traps set up by financial institutions to make you an indentured servant for most of your adult life.


This attempt to get you subjugated by debt early in life is a designed effort by companies to get you in debt earlier so that there is a longer arc of bilking you for money. The problem is so large that now in this country, people have to weigh the costs of going to college versus the benefit received. Before these institutions were allowed to be predatory to children, the costs of college was always worth the life of ease that it would produce. In an entire three elections so far, no one has mentioned a thing about correcting the problem either.


One of the first things that any young person will do is purchase a new vehicle either out of necessity to get rid of that old college clunker or because it is simply the thing to do, but this simple, normal process can be rife with tricks that can seriously jeopardize your financial health. The only protection against such nefarious actions is to become financially literate, but what of it is too late? What if the mistake has already been made?


Anyone living before the digital revolution would tell you that any mistakes made in financing your car are irreversible, but it is not true. Instead of wallowing in the depression brought on by excessively high car notes, contact this company at and simply say slash my payments.  The only difficult part is allowing yourself to believe that this company really exists after the financial roller coaster that the big financial institutions have trapped you in, but it does, so fix your financial issues now.