Roberto Santiago Provides Grand Shopping Experience

Roberto Santiago is one of the most powerful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He has been able to create some very valuable investment properties in Brazil, but the Manaira Mall may have become one of his greatest achievements. He has created a mall with a plethora of different entertainment and shopping stores for consumers to maximize their time.

What Roberto Santiago has done is create one of the biggest malls in the world, and it is a very profitable place. The Space Lounge Bar and the Gold Lounge give people a chance to hang out. The Gold Lounge gives people access to bowling. That is something that is not found in a lot of malls, but Roberto Santiago knew that there was a chance to do something different when he helped with the development of this.


There is also a workout center called Smart Fit for people that want to work out in the Manaira Mall. There is also a ball room in this area as well. These are things that are not found in a typical mall, but Roberto Santiago did not want to present tourists with a typical mall. He wanted to do something that was much different. He wanted to present people with places where they could find fashion with The Spring store. He would people that needed athletic fashion to have a chance to check out Adidas.

Andarella and Ana Capri provide some exciting shoe store choices. There are other places like the Steel Emporium and F. Lavor Jewelry for the jewelry lovers. There were are no limitations when it comes to shopping, and Robert Santiago knew that this would be beneficial to tourists that did not want to hop from one spot to another in search of different stores.

Aside from the Space Lounge and the bowling alley, there is also a movie theater. People that come here can find enough things to occupy their entire day. Roberto Santiago has a lot of great plans and this execution of a mega mall would be one of the best things that he could do to propel tourism spending in Brazil. There are more than 2,000 parking spaces here so this mall is definitely one that caters to a large crowd. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

Many people come here to window shop and hangout out because there are also opportunities to meet new people while enjoying ice cream or other food in the food court. Roberto Santiago made a smart real estate move to create the type of massive mall experience that people could not get anywhere else. There are electronics and clothes being sold at the Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto did not leave any stones unturned when he decide to create this type of environment. He wanted to be successful, and he wanted to be an innovator when it came to building malls. He has definitely changed the way that people look at shopping in Brazil, and he made a tourist attraction that people have to see when they come to Brazil.

Troy McQuagge Scoops One Planet Awards 2016 Gold for CEO of the Year

USHEALTH Group, Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Troy McQuagge was awarded gold in the ‘CEO of the year’ category during the prominent One Planet Awards. One Planet Awards is a coveted global premier program that honors business as well as professional excellence in all industries around the world. As a result, global organizations are eligible to take part in the awards. Interested parties must submit their nominations. These includes private and public entities, non-profit and for-profit companies as well as startups.

The One Planets Awards are organized to recognize corporations and individuals for professional and business excellence. The Awards honors are conferred in different categories in sections that include public relations, new services and products, corporate communications, teams, executives, and organizations from across the world and more information click here.

Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 as the head of its subsidiary and captive distribution agency called USHEALTH Advisors. He was successful in re-tooling Advisors which led to his election as USHEALTH Group CEO. At the helm of the group, he registered unprecedented success, profitability, and growth within the competitive health insurance market.

USHEALTH Group is a U.S. insurance holding company located in Ft. Worth, Texas. It is focused on providing comprehensive and innovative health coverage for small business owners as well as self-employed individuals. USHEALTH Group combines the talents of its agents and employees to market competitive insurance products that are profitable. It also provides superior customer service.

Speaking after the awards, McQuagge said that it was an honor to be recognized by One Planet Awards as well as his peers. He added that he believed his award belonged to everybody at USHEALTH Group. It served as a testament to the company’s commitment to solving pertinent healthcare affordability problems faced by customers. USHEALTH Group is committed to providing the market with innovative coverage that increases as healthcare needs grow and learn more about Troy.

Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge joined the USHEALTH Group family in July 2010. He was the Chief Executive Officer and President of USHEALTH Advisors’ captive insurance agency. In November 2013, McQuagge was elected by the board to become the group’s Executive V.P and Chief Marketing Officer. Later in June 2014, he was promoted to serve as the Group’s President and CEO. He has also headed USHEALTH Group subsidiaries like Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and Troy’s lacrosse camp.

McQuagge started his career working at Allstate Insurance Company back in 1983. In 1995, he joined Student Insurance Division under United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI). In 1997, he became the President of UGA, the insurance agency of UICI. After UICI’s 2006 acquisition by private equity investors, its name was changed to HealthMarkets, and McQuagge became its President in 2007. The sales executive received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1983 from University of Central Florida.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Can Put a Scare in Amazon

For another clothing retailer to give Amazon a scare, they would really have to be making some waves in this very competitive niche. Amazon has been sitting at the top of that niche for so long that they are bringing in 20 percent of all apparel sales online, and they haven’t had anyone come close to moving them off that perch. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics might be the company that pushes Amazon off the top of the mountain, having brought in over $250 million in sales of high-quality women’s active-wear in only three years.


Hudson says her athleisure brand is all about high-quality, reverse showrooming, and a membership plan that rewards her customers. To get a better understanding how women are raking up sales at this company, we need to begin the journey at the Fabletics stores in the local mall. This is where you find women who are buying workout apparel, trying on the active-wear, and enhancing their buying experience by taking the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. There is no pressure at the retail stores, in fact, women can try on anything and leave without buying any of her active-wear, and that is just fine by Hudson.


The reason the company is so successful has to do with how these same women eventually wind up at the e-commerce site to complete the shopping experience. Once they log into their accounts, these women discover that all the clothing that they tried on while in the Fabletics store has been moved over to their online account. Since they already know exactly how these pieces fit, they only have to focus on buying more items, and that is exactly what they are doing. Instead of buying a pair of yoga pants at the mall, these same customers go only and choose a half-dozen from the expanding inventory.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics rewards their customers with discounted prices, free shipping for all orders that are placed online, and even provide the assistance of a personal shopper. The assistant chooses one item a month based on quiz answers or shopping history, and buyers can accept or reject the item without question. It appears that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not worried about the competition as they are blazing a trail of their own and breaking sales records along the way. It might not be too long before we discover Fabletics is being mentioned in the same breath as Amazon.

Mike Heiligenstein of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA)

The executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Mike Heiligensrein knows well how traffic congestion in Austin is a problem. It makes people delay in almost everything, and he is working hard so as to solve the issue. Technology is the solution to the predicament facing the drivers of Austin, and a lot of resources will be needed to address it, and he can do part of it.Learn more :


CTRMA has come up with infrastructure in the country that is on the roads like 183A Toll Road in Cedar Park and Leander. Communities that live there have benefited from technology with more progress being made to keep the flow of traffic smooth. Roads have been built by CTRMA with increased number of lanes in Austin and Texas in general. People living in Travis and Williamson counties have a company that is transparent and is working to ensure that they are moving on the roads.


Mobility Authority leads in innovation, and the project at MoPac Express Lanes use modern technology that manages and provides a smooth traffic flow on the congested highways. Decongesting roads is possible according to them, and people who are in a hurry can reach their destination on time. Varying tolling rates can apply differently and work hand in hand to suit the demand and supply. Prediction of traffic flow is also crucial so as to cater for emergencies. The smart technology ensures that the Express lane flows at all times even in rush hours.Learn more :


Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has combined technology in the roads with the ones in cars. The cars can be notified of times when they break the rules and use the wrong lanes. New roads that are being built will be smart.


Partnership with Metropia will create a mobile traffic application that is combined with traffic monitoring system giving real time solution and updates on routes that can be avoided because of traffic jams. People with cars can connect with passengers who wish to travel with them in their empty car seats. This will minimize the number of cars on the roads.Learn more :


CTRMA helps the Highway Emergency Response Operator in giving free roadside assistance for the cars with minor problems. Traffic flow will be consistent as a result of this. The roads that will be served are the Interstate 35 from Hays County to Georgetown and Mobility Authority roads where there is congestion.


There will be help for the road users, and the traffic nightmare will be solved. CTRMA has also partnered with Texas Department of Transportation to reduce congestion in Central Texas.

Nick Vertucci and Academy Helping Real Estate Investors

One of America’s best real estate investors, Nick Vertucci and the Academy provides a full scope of seminars that are focused on his fortunes in the flipping framework. The details are meant to understand particular strategies for buying investment homes at a price less than the market value. Vertucci also offers training on innovative financing strategies that assist in establishing initial investment capital.

One of the methods entails utilizing lenders who plan for short-term loans at great interest rates, which enables a fast ‘fix and flip” system. The high amounts of interests paid are exceeded by the substantial and quick profits acquired. Another technique includes real estate concentrated “no-doc” and “low-doc” advances, which require income information and minimal credit. The loans normally cover 70% to 80% of the whole purchase cost. This implies a significant amount of money is required. Usually, that comes from loans gotten from friends and family or personal savings, although retirement funds or credit cards may be needed.

Nick Vertucci is a former police officer who pursued a career in real estate and proceeded to establish the NV Real Estate Academy through which he provides the fortunes in the flipping system. By using his motto; Get In – Get Out – Get Paid, he trains the investors on how to spot, finance, fix, and flip properties and get the maximum amount of profits on The flipping system includes the details needed when searching for a flipping home, including quick estimation of renovation costs that are meant to consider if the property is a worthy investment or not. Moreover, he analyzes the significance of evaluating properties with a specific end goal to speed up deals.

Mr. Nick Vertucci advances his program, which is run by Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc., the company he established in 2012 and at present leads as CEO. His other expert obligations incorporate facilitating the Real Estate Investing Hour, a prominent real estate investing program that operates in the entire Southern California.

Through the span of his profession as a real-estate investor, Nick Vertucci teaches investors some of the most demonstrated home-flipping systems. It is easy to view the reason majority of the starting real estate flippers surge in headlong, changing properties, and bringing back their value in a great way. Nevertheless, it is also recommended to conduct enough research before investing in a venture at Since flipping houses requires a lot of time, effort and money, aligning yourself with sector veterans can help in preparing you for what lies ahead.

Talk Fusion – Offering Innovative Video Marketing Tools

Talk Fusion is a video based marketing technology firm that was established in the year 2007. The company provides efficient video-based marketing tools that help the businesses and organizations to send their message across to their target audience efficiently. The company has a presence in over 140 countries and is planning to expand its operations further. Recently, the company launched its latest video based marketing application, a video chat application.

The new app launched by Talk Fusion are named Fusion and Go App. The applications recently initiated by Talk Fusion come with the all new features that make them more user-friendly as well highly functional regarding marketing. The applications are available for download in the leading marketplace online, such as iTunes and Play Store for Android users. One of the most popular products of Talk Fusion is video email that allows the users to send video emails.

As the marketing and business world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it has become more and more important for the companies to adapt to the new age technology and integrate latest applications that make business and marketing operations, seamless and efficient. And, this is what Talk Fusion aims to achieve for its clients by giving them tools that use the power of video marketing in a very simple yet effective manner and what Talk Fusion knows.

The company operates with the ideology that video is more effective than simple words. It helps in showing the expression that are not visible with words and also helps the person to explain better. The applications of the company are useful for both personal as well as professional use, and many companies across the globe are already using various products offered by Talk Fusion and more information click here.

Bob Reina, CEO as well as the founder of Talk Fusion says that the company has a very innovative approach when it comes to marketing. Moreover, the company emphasizes on research and development in both the technology as well as statistics front to ensure that the technology that the company develops is exactly what the target audience is looking for. Talk Fusion has revolutionized the marketing sphere with its video-based marketing and communication products and Talk Fusion on Facebook.

Meet the Middle East Real Estate Expert – Hussain Sajwani

Having acquired a degree at the University of Washington, Hussain Sajwani initially worked as a contract manager at GASCO (a subordinate of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company). He opted to focus on his own business venture after a while. In 1982 he succeeded in establishing his own catering business.

Hussain Sajwan was also involved in the property market expansion in Dubai. He availed several accommodation facilities for people visiting the Emirates for either trade or business purposes. He familiarized himself with the market opportunity by 2002 and in turn founded DAMAC Properties which today is considered to be one of the largest property development companies in the Middle East.

Involved in all aspects of property building including residential, leisure, and commercial properties, DAMAC properties is well renowned in Dubai and the Middle East. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

The catering business is a major part of DAMAC Group operations as it serves both as a reminder of Hussain Sajwani’s initial business activity and making of important friends in high places on an international scale. He is utilizing his great skills again as DAMAC prepares to take advantage of the recovery in UAE property prices.

Hussain Sajwani’s charitable nature led him to give two million to a campaign meant to dress deprived kids around the globe. This Ramadan initiative was pioneered by the vice president and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. This contribution was made in respect to the company’s tradition of supporting the Dubai government’s attempt to better the living conditions of its people.

Hussain Sajwani is interested in enhancing his business, and he intends on doing so by forming a business alliance with Donald Trump’s real estate firm, the Trump Organization. The two have previously joined forces on the Trump International Golf Club, where they made huge profits of approximately $2 billion from luxurious villas in sales.

Hussain Sajwani says that his involvement with the Trumps is very beneficial and believes that their new alliance will enable him to expand, grow or maintain their business relationship.

The Rights Of Minority Groups Inform The Work Of George Soros

The leading financial expert and philanthropist, George Soros, has recently made a major return to his work in almost every aspect of his life. Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros is reported to have decided the position the world finds itself in at the moment is of increasing importance for those who have the opportunity to stand up for the rights of others across the globe; Discover the Networks reports George Soros believes he has been given an opportunity to use the personal fortune of more than $25 billion he has built to help those who are not being awarded the human rights and freedoms he feels should be open to all people, regardless of their race, religion, or political beliefs.

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George Soros has returned to the political arena of U.S. politics for the first time in more than a decade in 2015 as he felt the rise of the right wing elements that have made major inroads into the work of the Republican Party were putting global security at threat. Soros himself has always looked to protect the human rights of others after living through the Nazi occupation of his home nation of Hungary during World War II. The Soros family survived the Holocaust through the quick and forward thinking of George’s father, who changed the family name to Soros in the 1930s after identifying the rising problem of far right Nazi groups across Europe. The major political work completed by George Soros has been completed during periods when the hedge fund billionaire believes right wing political groups are making inroads against the democracy the former refugee holds so dear; the notoriety George Soros has achieved within right wing political groups is largely built on the fact he attempted to help win the 2004 election with Democrat John Kerry after stating his belief incumbent President George W. Bush was promoting a level of far right militarism out of step with the views of the rest of the world. Read his profile at Business Insider.

The liberal left leaning views of George Soros have largely been formed through the difficult events the young Soros lived through in his native Hungary. Not only did the Soros family live through the Holocaust that claimed the lives of 500,000 Hungarian Jews, but he also found himself, his family, and nation abandoned to the Soviet Union following the end of hostilities during World War II; in a bid to escape the harsh regime of Stalin’s Communist government Soros became a refugee in 1947 and traveled to London to begin his studies. The period of life of George Soros as a refugee has informed the work he completes as a philanthropist working in many different areas of the world to protect the rights of refugees and the displaced across the world in the 21st century. Learn more about his profile at

Discover the Flexibility of Equity Loans from Equities First South Africa

Equities First Holdings is a capital lender providing borrowers with equity based loans. The company was founded in 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana and has a global presence including Europe, Asia and South African among others. The subsidiary is one of the best equity based lenders in South Africa. It provides an excellent option for individuals and institutions seeking non-purpose funding and business loans. The securities such as stocks, treasuries, and bonds act as the collateral for the loan.

The advantage with equity loans is that they offer fixed interest rates and are not correlated to the stock markets. This means the cost of your loan does not change regardless of the performance of the securities used as collateral. Equities First South Africa offers non-recourse loans that do not attract penalties if you do not pay up. The securities held are offloaded to clear the balance.

Additionally, they are an excellent option for individuals with unfavorable credit ratings. Equity loans provide quick funding to the shrewd borrower with little time for the bureaucracy found in traditional lenders. They enable quick access to low-interest liquidity solutions. Stock loans do not go through stringent credit quality checks and other requirements demanded by regular commercial banks.

The application process is simple and straightforward. You just present your ownership documents to Equities First South Africa and an evaluation of your portfolio is quickly established. Through a global presence, the company has a solid grasp on the alternative investment market. The assessment is quick as the company has a comprehensive risk analysis department with an in-depth understanding of global stock trends. This gives you access to faster funding and learn more about Equities First.

Equities First provides equity loans with a low-interest rate which is fixed, enabling you to keep your operational budget, service repayments and avoid default. Besides, the loans are short-term and usually run for three years and read full article.

Stock loans are an excellent way to grow your business and protect your capital investments. The loan market is evolving with a large number of borrowers seeking easier access to funding. Alternative investment solutions are exploiting this upsurge of borrowers with the means to pay but overlooked by the traditional loan system.

Jim Tananbaum Appoints Dr. Molly as Venture Partner

Foresite Capital is a firm that has ventured and specialized in the sector of healthcare. The company is head by a well-known entrepreneur Jim Tananbaum. He has the experience that is required in the management of such institutions because he has been in the industry for many years. Many healthcare companies that are in need of capital have benefitted greatly from his efforts and dedication of the talented entrepreneur. To know more visit Medium.

Recently, Jim Tananbaum announced the entry of Dr. Molly who is a Ph.D. holder and a successful businessman too. He came in as a venture partner. She is also successful because of having a prior experience working with Illumina as a senior director. She has a lot of experience regarding genomic and pharmaceutical research as well as the development of new drugs. Such experience will be of help in Foresite, and Jim Tananbaum knows the importance of working with great people like her.

While announcing her entry to the company, Jim Tananbaum seemed happy and could not hide his broad smile. It is because he knew the abilities of the skilled researcher and doctor. He was keen on talking about her experience and significant contributions towards scientific research. She has a record that is remarkable and a leadership record that is clean and admirable. He also said that incorporating her skills is a way of building the company’s portfolio and he is looking for ways of expanding and transforming the business into a great organization.

Dr. Molly is known for working with Illumina and establishing ways that are innovative for improvement of protein reagent worldwide. She is experienced in the development of protein reagent, and as a result, she was able to work with Pacific Biosciences where she was the leader in protein sciences. She was keen in helping the company in the development of their protein reagent concerning the chemistry of single molecular real-time sequencing.

Regarding the pharmaceutical industry, she has more than ten years of experience. She has been involved in the development and designing of antibodies that aim at cancer and diseases that are immune. She studied Biochemistry at the Nankai University and obtained a Ph.D. from the University of California.

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