How Kim Dao Created A Career As A Blogger And YouTuber

Kim Dao is an influential blogger as well as a YouTuber who specializes in lifestyle, travel, and beauty subjects. While she is from Australia she grew to prominence while living in Tokyo, Japan for a few years. She holds a degree in psychology that she earned at the University of Western Australia. Her career as a blogger was first established in 2011.

When Kim Dao first started blogging it was more for herself in order to remember her journey to Japan. Over time more and more people started following her blog as they found it both a good source of information about life in Japan as well as a source of entertainment. Kim Dao saw this happening and so started to add in subjects she was very knowledgeable about in order to expand the content, such as info about pop culture, makeup, fashion, and travel. Learn more:

Eventually, Kim Dao launched a YouTube channel which proved to be very popular with her blog readers. She has developed relationships with a number of brands which sponsor her videos. She communicates with her followers every day, often right when she gets up in the morning. This gives her a back and forth relationship with her fans who often provide her with ideas on what to record or write about next. Learn more:

By getting to know her followers, Kim Dao has developed a personal relationship with many of them. This also enables her to get feedback which helps her fine-tune her YouTube videos and blog to better fit what they are looking for.

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