Dr. Saad Saad and The Wisdom He Shares for Those Who Want To Experience His Success

There are many doctors today who have great moral, ethical and fantastic medical work that are worthy of emulating. However, not many of these people can be set at par with the prestigious career that Dr. SaadSaad has experienced all through his professional life. Not only is Dr. SaadSaad impressive in his career, but he’s also been able to generously share some of his wisdom in an interview with BlogWebPedia.



The Retirement



In the interview, we learned that Dr. SaadSaad is already reaping the fruits of his entire career, now retired, having kids that are carrying the torch of his medical practice, as his kids are doctors and a nurse. It’s worth mentioning, too, that these children have also been successful and prosperous in their lives. That’s not surprising, especially after knowing that Dr. SaadSaad has mainly dedicated his 47 years of medical practice to sustain his children’s dreams.



The retirement of his is also a bit of a sad moment for the hospitals and clinics he’s worked with, especially knowing that he’s left an ominous and valuable legacy to the successors. His innovation, sacrifice and fantastic work ethic have indeed made a mark in the workforce that he’s worked with. Honestly, the service he was set to accomplish has proven that whatever you put your mind to would almost always happen if you just work at it.



The Lesson Learned



If there’s one prominent takeaway we can remember from the career of Dr. SaadSaad, it is the fact that he wants people to remember one big secret in success: which is not to accept anything but the kind of success that you imagined. He wants to emphasize that success is subjective, and you should only settle for the one type of definitive victory that one chooses. Only through such approach can one truly find the meaning that one may be looking for.



About Dr. SaadSaad’s Medical Practice



Born in Palestine in the late 1940s, Dr. SaadSaad has grown up to be one of the most exceptional physicians in the country. This didn’t happen through easy and stress-free work, though. Before Dr. Saad gained the professional reputation he wanted, he went through all the challenges of becoming a doctor. Amid the chaos in Palestine where the creation of the State of Israel forced the evacuation of several Palestines away from their place of origin, Dr. Saad still went through his desire to become a doctor. This paid off, though, since right now, he’s one of the board-certified surgeons across the United States who know how to speak English and Arabic. For that, he was chosen to be a Pediatric Surgeon for the various children of a prominent Saudi Royal family. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad