Meet Brian Bonar: An Accomplished Business Executive Now Investing in Restaurants

Brian Bonar is a living legend in the global financial circles. The seasoned investor has worked in several high-profile companies for the past three decades and still continues to make a meaningful contribution to the realm. Today, he’s in-charge at the highly successful venture capital firm, Dalrada Financial Group.

This group specializes in offering tailor-made and competitive services for business outsourcing and consultations. Dalrada also helps clients get the best possible insurance policy cover.

The company’s unprecedented growth has witnessed it expand their portfolio by buying assets and leveraging their risk factors. To attract and keep their clientele base, the firm has introduced a long line of revolutionary products meant to safeguard their financial future.

Transforming San Diego’s Food Scene

Brian Bonar lives and works in the great city of San Diego, California. This city is known for among other positive things the excellent gourmet cuisines and foods. There are so many fine places to eat and dine that it gets a bit hectic choosing one place over the others.

The city, according to this post, shares a common love for classic and elegant cars. Would you believe it that Brian Bonar happens to own one of the most beloved restaurants in the bustling part of San Diego known as North County?

His bistro goes by the name of Bellamy’s and its lead chef is none other than Patrick Ponsaty. Previously. Patrick has worked with the who’s who of the hotel and restaurant industry. Read all about the ambitious plans by Brian Bonar and his world-class staff have lined up for Bellamy’s moving forward by clicking here.

About Brian Bonar

Today, the man who graduated from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, Glasgow and from the Stafford University in the UK has previously served in different companies taking on various roles and capacities. For instance, from 1992-1994, Brian Bonar worked as a Director of Technological Sales at Dalrada.

His exceptional results at the department saw him move up the chain of command to become the company’s Sales and Marketing senior V.P by mid-1994. But he wasn’t done with his meteoric rise to the top as he got promoted to serve as the Executive V.P three months later. By the beginning of 1995, Mr. Bonar was already the group’s Director, President, and CEO.

People’s Person

Later on, Brian got appointed as the CEO and CFO of the following companies; Amanda and Trucept Inc. other notable firms he’s helped build and nurture include Benzier Systems, Adaptech Inc., Rastek Corporation, QMS Inc and the Solvis group.

This list goes on and on, but for the sake of brevity, we’ve decided to only restrict ourselves to naming those companies. One peculiar thing about this Scot is his uncanny ability to recognize opportunity where few even bother looking. He is a firm believer in getting the right people with the right skills to make your dreams and aspirations come alive.