Betsy DeVos: Inspiring Parents to Reach for More

Anyone interested in the political inclination of Betsy DeVos and her education reform should take a look at her interview with Philanthropy Roundtable. The article is a good one because it gives readers a chance to become familiar with her politics. Ever since she was nominated to her office she has been very polarizing in the press, there are so many people that agree with what she has proposed for the nation and there are others who believe that her methods will become the death of the public school system. The thing to remember is that Betsy DeVos is a champion for education and she wants the public school system to flourish, the problem is that that the public school system is in a sharp decline and it is going to be hard to steer it out of it. In the meantime, Betsy DeVos wants parents to understand that there are different options available for them if they want to give their children a quality education.


Charter schools have been growing in recent years. There are school systems that come up in every single state on a regular basis. The thing about charter schools is that they can function on a tuition basis, but some rely on public funding to run and they accept students from the community based on how many seats they have available. Parents should become aware of these facilities because they offer them a chance to enroll their students in a superb learning environment without having to shell out inexpensive tuition rate. It is also worth noting that some of the institutions that offer tuition can offer it at a reduced rate or parents are able to file for scholarship programs for their children. Advocates for school choice like Betsy DeVos encourages parents to take a look at those systems.


Betsy DeVos has been warning people that school choice initiatives are going to grow in the future. In fact, the amount of students that are listed in this program just as of the year 2013 is well within the 250,000 range. This number is only expected to grow as the public school systems continue to neglect their duties when it comes to children. Betsy DeVos gave these facts well before she was even elected to be Secretary of Education. Now that she is in this role, she is in a position where she can change the way that things are being done within the system. Even as the head of the public-school system, Betsy DeVos believes that a school choice is still a viable option for many parents who are looking for a better education for their children. She encourages parents to look at charter school initiatives in their local community, and even view the ones that may be a bit of a drive away from their homes. There are so many different types of education choices out there for parents and she does not want them to discount them simply because they are not the public-school system. She is trying to inspire American parents to reach out for more for the children.


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