Stream Energy New Philanthropic Strategies

Stream Energy is an organization with a big heart. This can be seen through their efforts in Dallas where they have partnered with Hope in a bid to offer the homeless with clothes and food as well as ensuring that homeless children have the things they need for school, diapers and other items. Stream Energy employees and associates also take time from the schedule to meet with the different people they work with on the grassroots. Stream business model is pretty simple involving direct energy sales. They also take a step to offer corporate and residential services.

After experiencing 56 inches of rain in Houston, havoc descended upon the neighborhood resulting to what is known as Hurricane Harvey. This disastrous calamity ensued to the loss of numerous American lives, properties were destroyed and homes lost. Stream Energy could not stand by watching thousands of people trying to deal with the trauma and ordeal, all lost in the shocking aftermath. They dug deep into their corporate pockets and without a second thought to be the first company to offer a hand in the recovery of these traumatizing events. This helped ease away the financial burdens for the victims.

Stream Energy uses whatever resources they can lay their hands on to not only rebuild what is destroyed but to also help restore and build human dignity. The company looks at assisting the society in becoming prosperous by helping improve their quality of life, environment, and level of education. This is the reason they have gone further to open up one kind of foundation which is involved solely with Stream Energy charity and philanthropic activities which is known as Stream Cares. This will help them formalize their years of ongoing charitable work.

The stream care Foundation functions separately from the daily sales business of the company. Its primary task is to give back to the community through funding charities throughout Texas. The move has some advantages where it enables the Company to give back to the community while building and enhancing the name and reputation of Stream Energy.

Stream feels that giving back to the community is part and parcel of who they are as an organization. They are looking at being able to reach a more significant number of people who may be in need all over the world.

Adam Milstein will make sure that he speak up when it comes to the Jewish rights all over the world

The one thing that Adam Milstein is well known for is that he has left a mark in the real estate world. He offers his services at the Hager Pacific Properties, which over the years has been able to gain an impressive portfolio and in properties, they have more than $2 billion in hundreds. While being in the real estate industry he has earned the reputation of being the best, and people still know him as a philanthropist when it comes to the Jewish community. The one foundation that he is well recognized with is the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation that is family owned. The primary goal is that they will be able to educate the students in the world on how they can get in touch with the Jewish roots and when it comes to Israel how they can strengthen the connection.

With the help of his wife, Adam Milstein has been able to remain active in his work. Many students have been able to learn more about the heritage, and the education that they have gained is valuable that cannot be forgotten any time soon just because of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The dedication that Milstein has to the community has not gone unnoticed because at the Philanthropist & Social Entrepreneurs Top 200 his name was added.

In addition to Adam Milstein being an active philanthropic and offering the intensive community services, the other thing that he has done is he has given back to the Jewish community by founding the Israel American Council. The council will be responsible for the maintaining the relationship between U.S. and Israel. After establishing the council, he worked hard to make sure that the expansion was spearheading. When it comes to the rights and protecting the Jewish people, he will not be afraid to speak his mind, and he will stand up for the people that are oppressed all over the world. Adam Milstein has experienced what it’s like to have someone close that’s a migrant because his wife is an immigrant in the U.S. from Morocco. That has been of help because he has the needed understanding of the situation that immigrants face.

Education Secretary Betsy Devos

Betsy DeVos is the latest chief of the Department of Education. She is also married to Dick DeVos, whose dad began Amway. Amway was started in 1959, and it is a sales and commissions business enterprise that slowly became international. As you can imagine, the Republican-majority Senate validated her in her new role.


At the same time, her unusual perspective on non-public schooling resulted in numerous people in the Senate casting their votes disapproving of her affirmation in the role of the latest chief of the Department of Education. Furthermore, as a result of the fact that the Constitution officially permits this action, it turned out to be the VP, Mike Pence, who provided the final vote to affirm her in the Senate. Also, the DeVos husband and wife pairing have campaigned for as well as subsidized the continuing growth of charter institutes in Michigan. At the same time, academic employees, as well as teachers’ unions, inevitably have criticized her for committing her present efforts to the aim of privatizing schooling.


Remember, in the role of Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is required to administer a multi-billion dollar student lending account. She has over and over again made it apparent that she wishes to encourage the concept of making it possible for apprehensive mothers and fathers to have the capacity to decide on the most appropriate education for their little ones. Her responsibility in her role as the United States of America’s latest Secretary of Education in Trump’s governing administration is similar to the remainder of the Trump government’s development.


However, bear in mind, it has got to be asserted that Betsy Devos may well be the most reformist-oriented of the branch chieftains chosen by the latest president of the United States. During the course of her certification in the Senate, Dems voted against her, in conjunction with a pair of Republican senators: a senator from Alaska as well as a senator from Maine. Remember, the DeVos husband and wife pairing are legendary in the midwest area.


Furthermore, general public educational institutions could quite possibly consistently be regarded as deficient as a result of some adverse outcomes resulting from the control of the unions combined with the impossibility of firing teachers. Remember, Betsy DeVos is a helper of non-public educational institutions. Therefore, Democrats, and in many cases, teachers’ unions, were taken aback by the scheduled appointment of the Republican Betsy DeVos.


Moreover, educational vouchers are dispersed by the government to make sure that young children can enroll at the non-public educational institutions. At the same time, a single vote in the Senate at long last affirmed the scheduled appointment of Betsy DeVos in the role of the Secretary of Education.


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