GreenSky Credit Is So Popular – But Why, One Might Ask? Here’s Why

Without financing, businesses wouldn’t have ever became as large as they are today – not even in a million run-throughs of the potential outcomes of the past few hundred years’ commercial activities. Manufacturers take out hefty loans to purchase or construct buildings needed for creating products. Healthcare companies use business loans to get things like the market’s latest, state-of-the-art equipment. Every other type of business on the face of planet Earth uses them for the same thing – to grow.

GreenSky LLC’s GreenSky Credit lending program has served millions of clients since its foundation. Here’s how the company has managed to accomplish such seemingly-farfetched goals it set for itself over a decade ago.

What is GreenSky Credit?

GreenSky LLC is a financial-cum-technology company located in Atlanta, Georgia, that was created 12 years ago – in 2006.

GreenSky Credit isn’t the only entity to offer financing for business and personal projects via mobile phone applications; the fintech field is full of popular competitors like On Deck Capital, Klarna, Affirm, and Promise Financial, just to name a few of the United States’ hottest companies.

While it’s true that GreenSky LLC and its lending program GreenSky Credit aren’t the only businesses that use modern smartphones to provide clients with funding, GreenSky Credit is certainly one of the market’s most popular choices to provide entities like homeowners who desire to renovate their homes, construction companies that wish to build structures without waiting for customers to pay before operations start to save money, and healthcare operations to purchase new equipment that they need immediately with financing from 14 of the United States’ most reputable, largest financial institutions.

Why do people and businesses seeking financing for their various needs turn to GreenSky LLC’s Greensky Credit program so often?

GreenSky LLC’s financing system never requires customers to visit financial institutions in person. Rather, its mobile app is used to verify applicants’ identities and credit histories; later, financing is sent to their bank accounts. The company works with Regions, SunTrust, and other similarly-colossal banks to seek funding, directs such funds to smaller servicers, then ultimately sends customers their loaned money for low rates.