Doe Deere, the Passionate Entrepreneur

Doe Deere is one of the entrepreneurs, who used their passion for identifying the kind of business they wanted to operate. Deere had a great taste for bright colors since her childhood. Moreover, in her childhood, Deere loved makeup, especially lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polish. So in 2004, she came up with the brand name Lime Crime, which she launched in 2008.

Deere attributes her success to the fact that her business is based on her passion. She says that she wakes up every day with the drive to start the day since she does what she loves. As a result, she says ‘love for it’ is the indication that you should ‘go for it’ in business. Nevertheless, not every passion is viable for business; therefore, it is good to inquire and research before starting out.

Business Plan and Finances

Secondly one needs to come up with an appropriate business plan, in which they detail all the business needs and requirements. The plan is important as it helps one not to start the venture before putting everything together. Moreover, most of the business financiers need to see the business plan to determine if the business idea is valid enough to be financed. Failure to have the document may make you not eligible for loans or other investors’ funds.

Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but the family relocated to New York while she was still young. As she grew up, she was very creative and passionate about color. She would mix crayon colors and draw a lot of colorful stuff. Moreover, she started using her mom’s makeup while she was very young and she would mainly choose the bright colors. Her passion for bright colors was also reflected in her colorful clothes and accessories.

Doe Deere is very passionate about her business. She wakes up excited about starting a new day. After completing her morning routine, Deere heads to her schedule which is dictated by her phone calendar. Somme days she concentrates on developing new products while other days are used marketing Lime Crime on social media.

Currently, Doe Deere is involved in helping many women discover their full potential. She is invited to public functions to address the women, and her message to the woman is “follow your ambition and be yourself.” Moreover, she supports many female entrepreneurs, encouraging them to push on and giving them the business tips that have made her successful.

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