The History Of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello work and education background

Anthony Petrello is a Harvard graduate with a bachelor’s degree in law. He also holds a degree and master of science in Mathematics. These, he acquired from The University of Yale.

Anthony Petrello illustrious career can be traced back to in 1986 where he made partner in Bakers and Mc Kenzie law firm. He practiced international law, taxation, and corporate law. He later on resigned and joined Nabors in 1991.

At Nabors, his tenacity fast-tracked his rise to become the President and CEO of Nabors Industries where was the president and CEO for ten years. Anthony Petrello was instrumental in Nabors being the powerhouse in the petroleum business. He was a strategic planner who instilled good work ethics among his employees. Later on, In 2003, he was promoted to be the deputy chairman of Nabours. He then went forth to become the chairman and served as CEO of Nabors company.

Nabors industries

Nabors Industries deals in oil rigging. It has the largest fleet of oil rigs with most of the rigs fully operational. Nabors also provides offshore drilling rigs to other companies in the world. Nabours industries delight in having an efficient workforce who have set new standards in the oil rigging business.

Anthony Petrello’s fight with daughters neurological disorder

The success of Anthony Petrello can be mistaken for a man who has had a quite comfortable life, but this cannot be further from the truth. His daughter, Carena, was born with Periventricular leukomalacia. This neurological disorder has no cure. Due to this, Anthony Petrello together with his wife has heavily supported the Texas Children’s Hospital Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.  They also have demonstrated a remarkable personal commitment through their fundraising efforts.

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