Whitney Wolfe Herd Has Greater Ambitions

You can already see the ambition of Whitney Wolfe and how she managed to make her dating app a roaring success. No matter how we look at things from here it’s obvious that Whitney Wolfe has a successful app and that she is doing what she can to make her company into an empire. She doesn’t want to be known for her success in the world of dating apps either. She wants her app to be known for doing just about everything that can exist in the world of apps. She wants to have an all in one magnificent piece.

The most important thing to understand about the work going into Bumble is that Wolfe has a decisively socially conscious approach to her app development. If People Don’t Believe In Your Startup Business, Keep Going

She wants people to know that Bumble is meant to give women the ability to decide first and take initiative. That is a radical departure from other apps. It’s this female focus that has the app attracting so many young people who want to see the way we do dating change. People like what she has created and there is a serious potential to turn this into something that will define how we date for many years to come. Bumble’s Whitney Wolfe: ‘I’m worried we’re alienating the good guys’

Wolfe has shown that she understands the tech industry enough to move beyond dating apps. This has made Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF the focus of her new efforts. She believes that these new sides of Bumble have the ability to make the app into something else. You can clearly see how these things will eventually go towards making the app into the empire that Wolfe wants. She didn’t get to this point without putting in some serious effort. The fruits of her labor are only beginning to realize themselves to the people who enjoy her app. Bumble App Founder Whitney Wolfe’s Epic Wedding in Positano, Italy

With her success already here we can only assume that Wolfe wants to go and do bigger and better things than what she has now. Bumble’s CEO Takes Aim At LinkedIn. There is a clear advantage to her approach to the tech industry that other entrepreneurs are certain to copy. She has made herself one of the most important business leaders of our time by using her ideas to move forward in terms of social progress and other areas. Whitney Wolfe could decide` she’s going to quit now, but she wants more than that. She wants to have something that we haven’t seen before in the works.  Meet the Tinder Co-Founder Trying to Change Online Dating Forever

How Securus Technologies Keeps Us Safe by Preventing Cell Phone Use in Prisons

In 2010, Robert Johnson woke up on his bathroom floor. He had been shot six times by a hitman who had been contracted to kill him. Robert was a former corrections officer who stopped the hitman from going down his hallway where his wife was sleeping. The man who was contracted to kill him was hired by an inmate who was doing time in a Miami prison. The man garnered access to a cell phone. He used the cell phone to place the hit on Robert.


This is just one instance of how dangerous cell phones can be when they are smuggled into the hand of inmates who utilize them to commit crimes while they are incarcerated. This is extremely dangerous because incarcerated inmates have little to lose by hiring a professional hitman. In fact, inmates can continue operating entire crime or drug rings from inside their cell, all they need is access to a contraband cell phone. In today’s times, gaining access to a contraband cell phone is not all that difficult. It poses a unique threat in the manner that a cell phone allows for all types of illegal activity to be conducted from inside a prison cell. Literally, any crime can be conducted or outsourced from within a prison cell if a criminal has access to a cell phone to conduct those crimes.


Robert Johnson now works for Securus Technologies to prevent crimes like the one that he endured. Securus Technologies works to provide things like their patented Wireless Containment Solution. This containment solution ensures that even if a prisoner gains access to a contraband cell phone, they will be unable to connect to a network that will give them access to make cell phone calls and to access an illegal wireless network.


Robert Johnson helps Securus Technologies to install these types of containment solutions in prisons throughout the country. Among other things, these containment solutions render a cell phone relatively useless when they fall into the hands of prison inmates. It also ensures that cell phone use is strictly monitored and can be recorded to make sure that inmates aren’t conducting illegal activity from inside prison walls. Thanks to Securus Technologies we can all feel safer knowing that prison inmates do not have access to conducting calls or internet browsing from behind bars. This technology is one that should have been in place years ago. Thanks to Securus Technologies it is finally being installed in prisons across the country.


Strength Lies in Compassion and Caring

The Middle East as of late is the center of much turmoil in the world. There is obviously the civil war going on within Saudi Arabia, and news of Isis spreading throughout the free world and amongst the Arabic community salsa something that’s heavy on everyone’s hearts.

That being said there are bright sides to the situation that is occurring, and not everything is dark. The saying comes from in ambassador Daniel Taub, who, while an ambassadorial representative of the state of Israel, actually grew up as a British citizen within the United Kingdom. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2012/may/08/boycott-israelis-tuc-bigotry and http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/

After over 2,000 years of Exile Daniel Taub and his family were able to return to their ancestral Homeland in Israel, something that he welcomed with open arms. That being said he still looks towards the British Isles as his boyhood home, even if it’s not representative of his religion.

Top recently returned home to Britain when he where he was able to have a conversation with Queen Elizabeth. It was during the Great moment in time that he was able to sit down and have an interview about his positions on the Middle East in the world in general. It was during this interview that Daniel Todd expressed that there are both bright sides and dark side so it’s occurring in the world, especially in the Middle East.

The more positive sides are the relationship between Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. During the Six-Day War shortly after Israel became its own country, these three nations we’re completely against one another. Now, thanks to the hard work of diplomats such as Daniel Taub and his can Patriots, these relations have become much more positive over time. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

The focus of the trip to Great Britain was to take a close look at how the Jewish Community was being represented there. The followers of Judaism have met with trouble throughout their history, but the world around them nowadays seems to accept them a lot more openly.

Is important to Daniel Taub as well as other individuals throughout the world that the Jewish Community is seen in a bright and positive light.

The Jewish people are proud industrious people and one that Taub is very passionate and concerned about. People like ambassador Taub see the world for what it truly is; a place that can provide greatly for those that respect and take it seriously. He is a strong man.

Erik Lefkofsky on the Forefront of Effective Cancer Treatment

The fight to cure cancer has been an ongoing battle in our society for decades. In 2014, The National Cancer Institute estimates that 14.5 million US citizens were fighting the disease, a number that is predicted to reach 19 million by 2024. Though, thanks to inviduals like Erik Lefkofsky and companies like Tempus, those battling cancer do not have to do it alone and can count on these individuals and companies who are continually trying to improve their care.

Erik Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus with the objective to transform they way individuals faced with cancer receive treatment. Everyday advances are being made in how cancer is both diagnosed and treated. Tempus has been leading the way in precision medicine, pioneering the way that patient information is taken and analyzed. By creating models that incorporates some of the most important data in a patients care, physician notes, this model comes equipped with natural language processing and character recognition making it so that all data collected on a patient is specific to their individual cases, significantly improving the effectiveness of finding the right treatment course.

Erik Lefkofsky, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, has had an intimate relationship with cancer when him and his wife first founded Tempus as his wife’s sister passed away from it, and it was only later that his wife as well was diagnosed with breast cancer. The effort in revolutionizing the way those battling cancer receive their care is an objective that has had personal meaning to Lefkofsky.

Lefkofsky has found himself successful in many of his endeavors and investments in technological advances that have potential to improve the future for all, but it is in his feats of aiding those who are caring for a loved with cancer or who are fighting the disease themselves, that demonstrates the mark that Lefkofsky is trying to make, a stronger tomorrow.

Jeremy Goldstein: Law for one, law for all!

In a recent article for Law Blog for the Average Joe, Jeremy Goldstein outlined the pros and cons of no longer offering stock options to employees as an employment benefit or perk. Jeremy goes on to warn that this is not the best of options as it is something that could due to an uncertain economic market, be rendered as worthless to the employees. He does suggest that knockout options could be beneficial in allowing the shareholders and employees a better chance to see a value in the stock options. Goldstein ends the article by asking businesses to consider six month waiting periods for stock options in order to protect the integrity of the value of the company’s stock.


Jeremy Goldstein has been practicing law for over 15 years and is an expert at offering business advice. Jeremy graduated from the New York Law School in 1999 after which he went on to work for Shearman & Sterling LLP and Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz until starting his own practice 2014. Goldstein’s academic achievements include a bachelor of the arts from Cornell University and a masters degree in the arts from the University of Chicago. In addition to running a busy practice, Jeremy concentrates on philanthropic efforts support such charities as Fountain House, the world’s leading model for mental health treatment for people living with serious mental illness. He also represents those who are in need a legal help that is not within the normal scope of his usual corporate advisory, including those most vulnerable who are assisted by Fountain House.


Anyone, from any walk of life who is in need of legal advice, should contact Mr. Goldstein at 917.596.2955 or jeremy.goldstein@jlgassociates.com

Learn more: https://www.americanconference.com/executive-compensation-836l17-nyc/speakers/jeremy-goldstein/

Securus Technologies begins wide deployment of Wireless Containment System

Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communications services, has begun widespread deployment of its highly innovative Wireless Containment System. The apparatus, a civilian adaptation of the Stringray system developed on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, is reported to be 100-percent effective in interdicting and shutting down all unauthorized cellular communications taking place within prisons where it is deployed. At the few facilities where the system has been thoroughly tested, the results have been stunning. The Wireless Containment System has not only been able to completely deny inmates the ability to place unauthorized outgoing phone calls, it has also enabled officers to pinpoint the location of any unauthorized devices within the facility, leading to a physical confiscation rate of the devices of nearly 100 percent.


Contraband cell phones are a serious threat


Many people who are unfamiliar with the dynamics of the U.S. prison system may not appreciate just how much of a threat unauthorized cellular devices pose to the safe functioning of the nation’s carceral institution. Illicit cell phones have the potential to undermine the institution, the criminal justice system and the public safety as a whole on just about every level.


The cell phones, themselves, may be worth hundreds of dollars once they have been successfully smuggled into the institution. A simple Tracfone that costs just $10 may have a value inside of one of the nation’s prisons in excess of $300. This means that contraband cell phones may provide criminal gangs inside of prison with significant sources of revenues. Another problem that directly stems from the presence of the phones is the ability of inmates to charge rent to use the phones, while simultaneously undermining the revenues generated for the prison from the legitimate phone system as well as bypassing all of the sophisticated security features that are installed in prison phone systems.


But the real problem from illegal cell phones in the nation’s prisons stems from the ability of gang leadership to use them as effective means of communicating with gang members on the outside of prison. Because many prison gangs may have up to half of their membership on the outside of prison at any given time, easy access to effective means of communication can essentially render the incarceration of these gangs and their leadership without effect. This means that some of the most dangerous prisoners in the United States can operate almost as if they were simply able to walk free, creating a huge problem for both institutional and public safety.


Now, Securus Technologies is deploying its Wireless Containment System. With the ability to stop 100 percent of all illegal phone calls, the system is rapidly shutting down the ability of criminal gangs to communicate with the outside world.


Larkin and Lacey’s Frontera Fund’s History

A lot of times, successful people create charitable funds as a tax write off, or they just want attention. Usually, it’s because they got caught doing something terrible, and they want people to think they’re great people on the inside. Occasionally, some of them actually care about the cause and want to help. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

Those are the guys that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are. They didn’t create the Frontera Fund for attention or to cover something up. They started it because they genuinely believe in supporting migrant rights and fighting against corruption, harassment, and abuse.

Both Larkin and Lacey come from humble backgrounds; neither of them even graduated from college. They both attended Arizona State University in the late 60s and dropped out in the early 70s. Michael Lacey grew up in New Jersey and moved to Arizona to attend college. Both their lives changed as a consequence of challenging the conservative viewpoints of the Arizona-majority.

The first newspaper they created, Phoenix New Times, started as a weekly campus paper. It became so popular with those tired of the ultra-conservative crap that most of the media told that their campus paper became a symbol of investigative reporting in the Phoenix area. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Facebook

No event made New Times a symbol of investigative reporting like their battle with Sheriff Arpaio. Sheriff Arpaio was written off by most of Arizona’s media. To a lot of people, he was just a man trying to do a tough job. That was not even remotely the case.

Phoenix New Times discovered that Arpaio had a genuine hatred of Latinos. He fostered much of the anti-Mexican fear-mongering throughout Arizona. He also caused the deaths of several jail inmates with his lack of management skills and sub par health conditions he kept his jails in.

After so many articles came out about his activities, Sheriff Arpaio sent his top deputies, a group of armed officers, to arrest Lacey and Larkin. He used fake subpoenas to try to force the duo to give up the names of their writers, editors, and readers. He also wanted all notes and evidence they had about him.

Immediately following national outcry, Lacey and Larkin were released. The most shocking part of the event was revealed during the trial: Sheriff Arpaio had a network of dirty associates helping him abuse his power.

Shiraz Boghani Life Sucess

Sussex Health Care is an organization based in the United Kingdom, and it was established to offer care and support to the old. The institution manages a group of health care homes that provide care for the aged people who have mental conditions such Alzheimers and dementia. The organization offers care for the old suffering from disability and weak joints as well. Due to the robust support system, Sussex Health Care has grown tremendously, reliable systems that provide extended care for the aged people. There are learning activities as well to assist those with neurological conditions.

For those people with severe brain injuries, Sussex is continually there to help. The institution focuses on providing exceptional care and support to all its members. It is committed to taking care of the unique needs of each person. Sussex is also a business. In fact, the goal of the management is to provide exceptional residential care in the support home. Alongside their resilience in offering quality support, Sussex Health Care continues to lead in this area.

Behind the compliments that Sussex has been getting is a leader. Shiraz Boghani works as a chairman of the support homes. He is a businessman with far-reaching experience. Shiraz works frontier services from Sojourn Hotels to Splendid Hotels Group. He has successfully overseen single-assets and hotel portfolio deals of Sojourn Hotels. He is a natural leader, and this is evident from his expertise in leadership and management. He has exceptional relationships with the most substantial funders in Europe. Boghani has earned astral reputation from leading groups into successful investments. He believes that customer service is vital to the success of any business.

Read more: Hotelier Shiraz Boghani Shines At The Asian Business Awards 2016

Sussex Health Care has been run and owned by Shiraz and his long-term business partner, Shafik Sachedina, a trained dentist for two decades. Boghani concentrates on providing strategies that will grow the corporations he runs. He has unparalleled entrepreneur networks, particularly in Europe. As a graduate of the respectable Institute of Chartered Accounts, Boghani has learned the tactics of managing firms. He has previously managed more than 21 companies. With his performance in the firms, he cuts across as a devoted leader who possesses various managerial skills. Shiraz has been awarded severally for his input in the companies he mans.

Shiraz Boghani is a role model for leadership and management, and he symbolizes success. He is a respected figure and has grown from very humble beginnings. Boghani upholds deep values as a leader, the reason why he has succeeded in different capacities.

For more deatils about Shiraz Boghani, just visit bloomberg.com.

“Michael Lacey: The Mathematical Matrix Professor For The Ages”

At the young age of only fifty-eight, the renowned mathematician Michael Lacey has won many prestigious awards, authored novels and even solved a complex matter relating to laws of iterated logarithm due to his profound acumen. Lacey is currently a mathematics expert and professor with the University of Georgia Institute of Technology.

Throughout his professional career he has studied and worked the mathematical theories and principles involving harmonic analysis, probability and ergodic theory.

These three areas are considered to be interrelated as scientists have discovered. For example, harmonic data analysis can be applied to substantiate convergence outcomes for ergodic averages for an arithmetic mean.

Lacey attended the University of Illinois where he achieved his Doctor of Philosophy degree. After earning his degree, Lacey was hired at the notable University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Here, along with comrade Walter Phillip, presented evidence for his and others belief in the Central Limit Theorem.

The Central Limit Theorem is a statistical hypothesis that asserts providing an adequately large specimen size from a community of people with a predetermined level of divergence, the average of all specimens from the same group or community will be equivalent to the average of the population.

This was a relatively large scientific finding and contribution to the scientific community. Michael Lacey also held a postdoctoral position at LSU. From here, Lacey transferred to Louisiana State University beginning in 1989 and remained for the next seven years. Here he was awarded the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship.

For his work, regarding solving the Hilbert Transform theory that mimics or shadows the Carleson’s theory that affirms the pointwise merging of Fourier series, he was awarded the Salem Prize.

Michael Lacey  after solving the conjecture and winning the prestigious Salem award, moved to the Georgia Institute of Technology. Here, he serves as a Mathematics Professor and working closely with Professor Xiaochun Li was given a Guggenheim Fellowship. He joined the American Mathematics Society in 2012 as an act of philanthropic works. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Here, he regularly contributed in a spectrum of programs including scholarships, international assistance with schools, mathematical research and like programs. From 2012 to 2013 he was involved in the CAS Project for college students facilitating “Related Function Theory and Time-Frequency Analysis program.”

Lacey is well respected among his constituents and continues to contribute to society by imparting his knowledge on students and through his generous work with the AMS.

The Diplomatic Gem that is Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub, the UK born Israeli diplomat, is a man of many hats. He is an international lawyer as well as a writer. He currently holds the position of director of Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

 Education and Career

Born and raised in the UK by Israeli parents, Daniel went to Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School in Elstree, Hertfordshire. While in the institution, he was awarded honorary marks to grant him admission to University College in Oxford, University College in London. He would later join Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

After his studies at the university, he moved to Israel. Since then he has served as a combat medic in the IDF and as a reserve officer in its division of international law. This position required him to give up his 30 year-long, British citizenship for an Israeli nationality.

In 1991, Daniel Taub went to work for the foreign ministry, where he honed his auspicious legal and diplomatic skills in various posts. In 2011, he had to make the change and go back to the UK as the new Israeli Ambassador.

The highlight of going back to what was once his home country was meeting Her Majesty the Queen dressed immaculately complete with a kippah, a sign that despite his UK upbringing he was a faithful Orthodox Jew.

Diplomatic Achievements as an Ambassador

In the four years that he served as the Israeli ambassador to the UK, trade between the two countries doubled. During his tenure, the two nations realized a significant deepening of academic, cultural, and business links between the two countries.

While speaking at the British Israeli Business Awards, the British Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills, Sajid Javid, announced that the increasing trade between the two nations had entered a golden era.

According to the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce, bilateral trade surpassed the $5.5 billion mark, and over 300 Israeli businesses were started and remain operational to date. His efforts in the business community earned him an award in January 2013, the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Honoree for his support for young entrepreneurs with startup companies.

Warrior for Peace

During the Israel-Palestinian peace negotiation, Taub was extensively involved in the process.

His duties included helping to negotiate agreements reached upon by the two countries, as well as traveling with his Palestine Counterpart as part of a benchmark mission to Northern Ireland. He also served as a member in the Israel-Syrian negotiations. Daniel Taub’s life is one to be admired.

Learn more about Daniel Taub: